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A Passion For Dog Health

Wags Wellness was started by Kelly Moran in an effort to find more efficient nutrition for her dogs. After a veterinary recommendation that she feed fermented vegetables to help with urinary crystals, yeast and skin problems, and overall health, Kelly found it was a difficult product to find with very little variety. As she had already been working in the pet health industry for over 14 years, she put her knowledge and expertise to work creating recipes targeted towards aiding relief of common pet health issues.

Me and Lupin.jpeg


Wags Wellness hand-makes all of our products in small batches. Our ingredients are carefully selected and sourced from local markets. Our fermented vegetables are pH tested to ensure they meet or exceed the FDA recommended safety level of 4.6 pH or lower. Our bone broth is slowly simmer over 24 hours in filtered, mineralized water. Organic, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar is added to each batch to release maximum nutrients from the bones. 

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